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"At last! I can read my emails without having to print them off and take them home!" (Lincolnshire NHS trust manager)

Part of our daily lives

Computers are now part of our daily lives, for many it is another way of suffering from visual stress. Whether it is reading emails, browsing the web or working on complex spreadsheets, for many of us computer use is vital.

Visual stress can also manifest itself on a computer, leading to similar symptoms experienced when reading printed materials. Placing a coloured overlay physically on your monitor is not always practical, and other overlay software can hinder your work by 'getting in the way'.

TVCO (Type-through Virtual Coloured OVerlay)


Our Type-Thru Virtual Coloured Overlay places a virtual tint overlay on top of your screen without interfering with the operations of your computer. You can click through it, type through it, as though it isn't there!

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