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See the TVCO in action

The best way to see the TVCO in action is to download a trial now. This page shows a handful of screenshots of the TVCO software in action.

Editing a Word Document

Because the TVCO does not interfere with your work, you can continue to type and click whilst the TVCO is in use. This makes it ideal for working on documents and spreadsheets where the eyes easily get strained.

Visual Stress Editing Microsoft Word

Browsing Online

The TVCO also works seemlessly with any web browser, making it ideal when reading lots of text on long pages.



Easy to Use Control Panel

The TVCO control panel makes it easy to adjust the TVCO settings. Change the colour of the tint, the transparency, the size and position; or make the TVCO full screen. Once you have made your settings the Control Panel discretely hides away so not to get in your way.